We at Hotel Dalvík are lucky to have a lot of good neighbors who provide great activities here around Dalvík. We can also provide guides if you want to go mountain biking, hiking or just travel around for sightseeing.

The birdwatching is also very popular here around Dalvík area and just few minutes away from the hotel there is a famous bird sanctuary.

Horseback Ride

A guided tour in the beautiful nature of Svarfaðardalur.
This horse riding tour takes you on a ride along the river banks in the valley where there is a lot of birdlife during the summer.


The mountains around Dalvík are perfect for hiking and around Dalvík there are multiple hiking routes. There is a hiking map of the Dalvík area in the reception and also we can provide guided tours around the mountains with a days or more notice.

Swimming Pool

 The swimming pool in Dalvík is located just next to the hotel and is open all year round, the geothermical hot water that is used for the pool makes sure that the temperatures always stays the same. The view from the swimming pool makes the pool one of the most popular places to go for a swim or just meet the locals at the hot tub on site.

Whale Watching

Whale watching from the Dalvík area is of course unique, the two companies that operate whale watching have 99% sighting rate in their tours.
The whales that are likeliest to be seen are the humpback whale, mink whale, harbor porpoises and white beaked dolphins. The tours leave from Dalvík and Hauganes all year around. Some of the tours include sea angling.

 It is possible to book through the hotel.

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